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    Plesk server hacked, hiring to move clients to new server


    I wish I was posting something else. But such is life... my Plesk server was hacked today and alot of annoying damage was done. The hacker group replaced ALL files with index in the name. So all my client web sites displayed their message.

    Well, we have determined enough havok was wreaked that the server needs to be rebuilt. So I bought a new hard drive and am installing Debian 3.1 with Plesk 7.5.3.

    My problem is getting all the data from the old HD over to the new HD. I would hope I can still use some kind of Plesk backup utililty. However, I don't think I ever installed that on the previous 7.5.1 installation. I can't find the binary where it's supposed to be. I'm willing to swap drives, etc, if needed. The DC is about 5 minutes from my house. I'm here now, can be here tomorrow and do hardware configuration, etc.

    Are there any Plesk "EXPERTS" out there who could tackle this with confidence? We need the Plesk database moved, client files, databases, email, everything. Then we can get to work fixing their web sites.

    I am paying for this job. Please name your hourly rate. This is very important. I'm more interested in hiring quality than low price. So don't be afraid to contact me.

    If you prefer, please PM me or email me via the WHT system.
    Beenanza, LLC

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    Plesk preserve settings for accounts in mysql database, you just need transfer all folders with files and fill mysql dump in database. Of course plesk will be version 7.5.3

    It is not hard task, but if you want - can assist you.

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    Don't you think doing such backups might being in hacked programs into the new install.. ?

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