I run a few small sites (and a few much larger ones), and to manage them (smaller sites) better I put together a simple CMS framework after I had to re-do one of the sites recently. I had to either update around 20 semi-static pages or do what I did and seperate the content from the design.

I have made it available as a freebie and I set up a demo of the whole framework in a site to show off what it is and is not!

What it is, is a basic framework that has the following features:

No Database required
Search engine friendly URL's (using mod_rewrite)
Total seperation of content and design.
Relies on a single file per content page - with only very basic html required in the content file - such as <p> <br> <img > etc.
XHTML1.0 transitional compliant - which means that any content files added need to be kept compliant.

It is not a whole all-singing, all dancing (multi megabyte) CMS, and I never intend it to be. It does not provide an interface to manage your content - rather it provides a framewrk so you can easilly organise the content while it is seperated from the design.

It does everything that I need, and by using some other scripts that I have released, you can add a lot of features quite easily.

The script can be found at http://www.rrwh.com/scripts.php and the demo site, which also explains in detail on how to use it and set it up is http://www.rrwh.com/RRCMS/

I plan to expand it in a few ways over time, such as a further seperation of code and design and make available a series of a few skins with different layouts etc.

I am just seeking a few comments from people who run small sites on the sort of features that you would want added or any features you think would enhance what is there without detracting from the simplicity of the framework.