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    * Give Free Hosting

    Hello friends..
    I wanted to give free hosting to people..Like i will host everything and anything present in Fantastico for them..I will give ftp access on request only. So plz tell me tht how to put a banner on top of all the pages like which i can edit anytime i want to!
    Like is there any script which can help me to put a banner on top of each and every page hosted at the server...

    Second, How to block the upload of exe files from ftp.....

    Third, is there anyways I can make money from it other thn placing google ads..?

    Fourth, I want to start hosting it on shared hosting first so any good host tht u knw can provide unmetered or large data transfer and a nice space at cheapest possible price...?

    thts all for now! plz help me guys..
    THNKZ in advance..

    Edit: Plz dont forget to tell me like how much sapce or bandwidth it will take! RND bt......

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    Check on following forum for more help:

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