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    Need Opinions on Optimal Progress of a website before Launching it.


    I wasn't sure whether to post this here, or in the "Web Design and Content" forum, but... since it doesn't really have anything to do with the example topics listed under that forum's description, I decided to put it here.

    Anyway, I am hoping for some opinions.

    Basically, there is this website I'm working on for a band (a band that is on a break, perhaps permanently), and I kind of want to just launch it now (even though it's not finished).
    -As of today, I have a bunch of media ready to go (pictures, movies, wallpaper)... but only minimal lyrics and band information/etc.

    Of course, it usually takes a good few weeks before a site starts to get picked up by search engines/etc, so, even if I were to launch it now, I'd have some time to keep getting that stuff done, but...

    I'm curious how you would feel about a site on a band if you were to see it for the first time and it wasn't really completed yet.
    -Would you be the type that kind of just gave up on it right then and there, and not consider it for future uses of information... or would you be the type that checked back every now and then to see what kind of progress has been made?

    I've done a lot of websites before, but, never one involving a musical group, so... I'm not really sure how much is expected of such a site at launch time.
    -I want to just go ahead and launch it now, and add lyrics/etc when I get a chance; however, I don't want to leave a negative impression on first-time visitors.

    So, any opinions/advice would be great.
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    Seeing as I'm in a band and run a band website myself, let me tell you this:

    It won't hurt to put it up early, not at all. I guarantee you however almost 95% of your hits will be from people who have already heard you music, albeit friends/family, concert-goers, or local ads. VERY little of it will be from search engines, I'm serious.

    We refused to launch ours until it was completely done. People like it more if they can read the lyrics from your shows, view band photos, or what's even better is having movie-biographies (short, 2-3 minutes) featuring each member. People love to see those.

    Also, DO NOT be afraid to put media (songs, etc.) on your website. As long as you're not signed, don't let idiots like the RIAA scare you.

    Sites that help promote (PureVolume, etc.) are great for hosting media.

    However, if I was to view an uncompleted band's site, I -doubt- I would check back, unless they were close friends, had a message board, had media, lyrics, etc.

    Content, in this case, is EVERYTHING.

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    Thanks for the response.
    -The site is actually about a band that's already known relatively well (in Japan), but one that's on a break., it's a fansite - not a site about a personal band. That's why I figured I would be getting some traffic from search engines and whatnot.

    Sorry if that wasn't made clear in the original post.

    The thing is, the band only has maybe one other site that's in English, so...
    ...yeah. Not sure how much of a difference that makes.
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