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    What features would you like in a WHM Addon?

    I am currently developing a cPanel/WHM Addon Module and are running out of ideas for it. The current ones that are there are:

    - Bandwidth monitoring (MRTG) with snmp and without
    - Fix 404 Pages
    - Disable unneeded services
    - Disable IPTables temporarely
    - Re-enable root login via ssh
    .. and a few others not worth mentioning.

    What would you like in WebHostManager, root or client end.

    Have a nice day.

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    -Ability to run the scripts in /scripts would be handy sometimes
    -Abiliaty to reset the standard ssh config (port, ipaddress etc) so that when securing the box, if you messup you an get back in.
    -abiliaty to add custom links to whm and cPanel (but not for reseller clients) would be nice (if you know how to do that)

    Carn't think of anything else right this second, but i have a few ideas...

    I have one idea that i started working on myself, could you drop me a PM as you might be the idea person to help me out.

    Note to self: Add something funny!
    Search is your friend!

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