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    Best way to remotely backup a site

    I want to backup my 500 meg fourm database and 300 meg photogallery to another server with a different host. What is the best way of doing this? I wrote a backup script that performs a mysql dump and then FTPs the file to another host. I dont know how reliable this is and was wondering about using a backup service like or If I were to go for one of these services, how would the transfer be initated? Can it be all automated? I could put the mysql dump command in a cron and get it to run every day at 3am. Do these backup services have an automation script on their side to fetch my data? Im on a shared host with cpanel.

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    Why dont you just back it up to your own computer? For just a personal site with a gig of use i wouldnt advise paying money for a service that you can do easyly by yourself.

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    I would exceed my DL limit if I did that. Plus, my upload speed is slow, so it would take forever if something happened to the site.

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    get a 3rd party backup service, and use rsync, rsync will cut down the amount of traffic depending on how much the files are modified.

    that is if your current host will allow rsync

    steadfastnetworks you can get minimum 10GB for 9.95/month or bqinternet 10GB for 5/month. I'm sure theres others, I don't know anything those two offerings.

    But even just an ftp backup, you should be able to do an incremental backup, and your 500mb database, export and compress that i bet its much smaller.

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    yes, rsync is probably going to be the best method for doing this. However, many hosts won't allow you to access this. I would check with your provider to see if they can offer you backup services. Many hosts offer backup services for free with shared hosting accounts.
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    You don't really need to mysqldump it. You could just move the raw mysql data from /var/lib/mysql/ .

    Are you on a shared hosting account, or a dedicated server? If you're on a dedicated server, check to see if your datacenter offers a remote backup service. This will make the process alot faster. Speeds vary when transfering from one network to another.

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    You can also use indexsoft MySQL backups manager (compress your files) and with a cron job you send it daily (or every few hours) to a Gmail account. Cheap and efficacious without hassles you have always the last dump available.
    Hopefully this helps you.
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    I just checked with my host and rsync is not supported. Looks like I will have to use a FTP option.

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