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    Automated MySQL Backups

    I am so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I was looking over all the forums just pondering which one to post in. Anywho my webhosting company is growing rapidly. We are averaging about 80+ new forum members a day as well as a billing center with well over 750 clients. I have a lot of MySQL databases, any of which could be devistaing if lost. I am searching for a FREE script that would automatically make backups of the MySQL databases every few hours and send them to a remote account via FTP. Im not very good with cron jobs, otherwise I would try to use those. I am using a script built for vbulletin right now and that seems to work for vbulletin db but im stuck with my other DBs.


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    Before really getting specific, I'd recomend you take a quick look at:

    MySQL replication is a good idea for critical databases especially if you want to make regular backups (without having a huge drain on perfomance)

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    MySQL replication is no replacement for proper database backups. A bad query or accidently deleting a table or database will be instantly replicated to all slaves. You're going to need to learn how to set up a cron job if you want the backups to be run automatically. A cron job is just a scheduled task, you have to have a script that you want to run periodically. Read about mysqldump, a database backup program that comes with MySQL. For information on cron, see The section titled "Using cron" will be the most helpful.
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    Also check this site:
    This script is just one of many available.

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    Originally posted by Inthrive
    [B]MySQL replication is no replacement for proper database backups.
    Yes indeed. But who here is running a heavy database server without a slave being polled for the backup. (The slave will buffer the MySQL log from the master until the backup is complete). Without using replication, the strain on a lone master is huge. Unless you can afford to stop DB access for a short period of time at each backup interval. But who can these days?

    Just remember folks, replication is your friend.

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