Hello i have just released my new Domain Market Script, you can checkout the site at www.DNProduct.com along with a live demo so you can check it out before you buy.

I am also offering a $10 discount to members of WebHostingTalk.com which provides domainers an even more affordable way to sell there domains to top level buyers.

The prices are listed below


Non Branded Version ( No Ads )

$49.99 - $10 off = $39.99

Branded Version ( 468+60 ad on page Domain Related )

$34.99 - $10 off = $24.99

You can only recieve these prices if you purchase through this forum.

May i add the script takes 10 minutes to setup and should be able to be done by pretty much anyone who knows how to upload and create MySQL databases.
If not i can install for $5 extra.