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    Content Jumping after a refresh

    I have noticed this for months.. when I am looking at SOME webpages, I refresh, and then the site looks totally different, everything is in the wrong place.. refresh once more and then the site is back to how it should be.

    There is noone editing thru ftp or touching the files at all..

    A perfect example is here..

    It is really bugging me, and I just want to know if it is only me that is experiencing it, is there an error in the html.. or are some browsers just ****e..?

    The error on the page noted about seems to only happen with Opera.

    Thanks very much.


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    Opera's a bit notorious for this. Usually, I only notice if I've been scrolling a page. From a design perspective, however, when I've noticed this behavior on my own site and really dug into the CSS as a result, I've found a fault the other browsers let slip. Opera 8 has become very very strict in its CSS interpretation. This doesn't make it a bad browser, just more frustratingly standards compliant.
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