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    Sony PSP w/ memory stick, games, etc.

    aight, so here's what's available... I want to sell all this stuff cuz when i bought the stuff i thought it'd be a nice thing to have... but i hardly ever use it, so here it is...

    1) 1 Sony PSP Value Pack - It's been opened and used (duh) but it's in great condition. It comes with everything that comes in a value pack... I paid $250+$20 tax. I'm looking for $200 on this OBO.

    2) 1 Sony PSP Game - NBA Basketball - I paid $40, I'm looking for $20

    3) 1 ScanDisk 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (the yellow kind) - I got it when it first came out from Ebay... I paid $200 for the beast. I'm looking for $120.

    4) 1 Hellboy PSP DVD - I paid $20, I'm looking for $10

    TAKE EVERYTHING FOR: $300... while I paid over $500... great deal... serious offers only... if you wanted to get one, but didn't want to spend the **** load i did, here's your chance to save 200 bucks. Oh yeah... everything's by paypal. I'm a respected member of Yaxay, WHT, Talk Freelance, Thread Market, and many other forums, so I'm not scamming anyone because that'd ruin my reputation here and ruin business for me No gimmicks here. The real deal...

    Everything's in hella good condition. I take care of my stuff...
    Here's a pic of my stuff... my id's next to there so you know it's mine, and i'm not bull****ting anyone... Everything comes in ORIGINAL BOX, 100% genuine.

    If you have any questions, contact me...

    Contact details:
    Message me here, or reply to this...
    email: rafeed (at)
    AIM: intervertex
    MSN: intervertex (at)

    I'll also throw in a cd that has the programs you need to transfer your stuff to your psp. I'll include The Grudge movie and Million Dollar Baby or Coach Carter on the memory stick as a bonus, AND an episode from The SIMPSONS!

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    Just to answer some questions that arose in other forums:

    Q: Are there any dead pixels on the PSP or anything wrong with it?
    A: No, the PSP is 100% in fabulous quality, working 100% perfectly. There are no dead pixels.

    Q: Are you willing to ship to UK, etc.?
    A: Yes, but only if I see you are an active member of the forum, have been here a long time, and have good feedback.

    Q: How much is shipping? Who pays?
    A: Shipping is based on your location. I am in the United States in New Mexico. Shipping fees are to be paid by you, the buyer.

    Q: Can I have a payment plan?
    A: Same conditions as shipping to UK, but you must pay in full or at 3/4 before I send. Also, you must make at least 25% + paypal fees on each payment or more. Depending on your status, determined by me, you may have to pay more or interest for the extended payment plan.

    Q: Is this price a fixed price?
    A: Yes, all prices are pretty much fixed. $300 for the whole package is MORE than reasonable. If for any reason there is more than one party interested in it, it will go into an auction format. Highest bidder will then win the package.


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    Another question from another forum:

    Q: What is the firmware on the PSP?
    A: The current firmware on it is 1.52! I can upgrade to 2.0 if you want, however.

    This has been asked because people I guess "homebrew" games, and can't on 2.0. I don't do that stuff, and you're lucky I haven't because I haven't used it in a while.

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    Another FAQ:

    Q: Have you received any offers yet?
    A: Yes, I have. I've received a couple for a payment plan for $300. I have received one for $290 one time payment. They all are considering to pay on Monday or this weekend. Thus, if you are interested in the deal, you have very little time left! I also have had offers on separate parts, but I would like to sell everything as a package. Since I've had so many people interested, I'm now introducing a Buy It Now price. If you pay by today, I can ship TODAY! Shipping is choice of buyer.

    BIN: $350 one time payment
    $400 payment plan

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    I am interested in the basketball game. I assume the condition is good.
    Please send me a pm where to send money and is it possible to ship the Canada.
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    Thanks for your interest in my game! Yes, the condition is practically brand new. I have only played it a handful of times.

    There are many people interested in the whole package. Thus, I am not quite willing to sell the game just yet. By Monday, I should have a definate answer to whether or not I will sell the game or anything else separately, as many will have their final decision in to me by then.

    As to shipping to Canada, I am willing to ship anywhere. Only requirements are those stated above.


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    Aright. I guess I have been on this forum long enough and active
    Send me a pm when you have any updates.
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    Yes, you have

    I've received a couple offers for $300 immediate payment.

    First to offer $350 takes it!

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    any updates?
    or gone?
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    i have got one too these are the hottest things out right now! Ive had mine since february and got mine imported from japan.

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    These haven't been sold. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been quite busy. This is a genuine USA edition bought in the United States. That was another question raised.

    I will post this again as there wasn't much interest after the first day.

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