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    [request] template. pay

    I am looking for a template for 30$. I know its a low number, but its better then asking for free.

    Style: gaming
    title of site: ps3vsxbox360

    Templates I like

    It dosnt have to be like that, but I would prefer that becase they have a lot of content area in them.

    On my CMS, I will have reviews, latest news, latest download. If your going to label these then make sure there editable.
    By the way, I would atleast need 2 to 3 subpages with different area for content and stuff, so appropriate pages can go in there.

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    Hi, i currently have 2 gaming templates made up for slae, if you like the look of them i can modify them for your needs and add sub pages.

    see here.

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    hey GHoD your templates are good these should not be sold at a low price!

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    Hi masfenix, I see you have AIM but do you have MSN messenger aswell? Would like to discuss this with you but I stay away from AIM. If not then I will e-mail you.

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    Hey sorry spliffted but gh0d is already helping me out. I will contact you for my other template though

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    I need a template for also.
    I m thinking about developing that domain too.

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