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    E-commerce and CMS combined - any suggestions?

    Hi guys,

    I am looking to move my website towards a greater deal of magazine style content, along with the ecommerce system. Any ideas of a good integration between CMS and E-commerce?

    I have looked at Mambo and OSCommerce, but that's pants. And there doenst seem to be anything available for PostNuke either.

    Are there any other offerings out there?

    I don't mind going commercial if I have to and paying for it, but I always prefer the OpenSource way of life (so does my wallet).

    The last bit on the wishlist would be that it integrates users with InvisionPOwerBoard.

    Oh yes, and the e-commerce script must be able to handle download purchases.

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    Well... about a few years ago I implemented a similar system using oscommerce and postnuke.

    You can view the site here: www (dot) advantage (dot) coop

    ....guess I'm not allowed to post urls yet..hmm..

    This really isn't a combined system though, just oscommerce and postnuke with the same theme. The mysql is two seperate databases, with the oscommerce one using the postnuke user table. Works fairly well though..

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    look at
    as for CMS - I consider to do an integration of this shop with TYPO3 (
    Russian TYPO3 Laboratory

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    The best I tried, was CubeCart. Althought I can't seem to find the powered by link in their latest versions (Git's!)

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    There is a integrated system called OSC2NUKE. I have not tried it but see if thats what you are looking for. Its based on PHP-Nuke and OScommerce but due to lots of bugs with PHP-Nuke I had been reluctant to try that.

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