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    Script/.bat for win2k3 to ftp file from Unix box to Win2K3 box

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for some sort of script or batch file which i can run as schedule on my Windows 2K3 box. this script or batch file should be able to log on(ftp) to remote UNIX box and download the files from a specific directory on the FTP.

    Any suggestions or solutions are welcome. Please note that i would strongly try NOT to install any additional softwares on my Win2K3 box because it is a production machine and can't afford to take security risk on it.

    - Nick

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    you should be able to use the built in windows scheduler to run the batch file at any given time

    Be sure to use the bin command if your files are binary and not ascii

    I'd test this, but I am currently on a MAC - it should however work --

    or you could get
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    [url]I got nothing/url]

    For clarity's sake, don't use "<ip address of hostname>" use the ACTUAL 32-bit numeric IP address of the machine.

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