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    51 completely new version

    A while ago it used to avarage above 3500 uniques per day. Lately mainly because of a lack of time on my behalf it dropped to 500 uniques.

    So i decided it was time to revitalize with a new look new content and new promotion.

    But before i get into the promotion part i would like your opinion about the website and make some final adjustments.


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    the news section looks a bit cluttered - consider a small space between each Item and 1 liner ( hint span font size: 5px &nbsp;<br /> )

    your news at heading looks like it is not centered properly - it could probably be a tiny bit bigger.

    Play around with different fonts - or at least a consistent font in each area.

    You have 2 fonts on the nav bar - 1 for the nav and a different one for the login part to the right.

    You go to the trouble of having a link to on your site footer, and when clicked on it reports 12 errors! - additionally Firefox validator reports a total of 59 errors for the page.

    Layout and images are good - seems like there is still some work to be done to make it all better.
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    I am confused with footer, feel like its missing.

    The header title you need to make large title ""

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    Changed the fonts, articles are in my opinion a lot easier to read now.
    Thanks for advice.

    Please critique some more

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