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    Hi, i need some help (pricing of a reseller package).

    I am new to this forum, so first of all i want to say hi to all of the members here.

    I bought a reseller package off the server host that was way too big for just me and after talking to the server host he has decided to let me split up my hosting reseller package into several smaller chunks. If i am not able to sell off any of the reseller package it will push me into the red of my hosting company and after 3 months i will be forced to close. I know i feel like a bit of a prat and i dont expect any sympathy. Do you think that anyone would be interested in buying a reseller package:

    2.5 gb storage
    37.5gb bandwidth
    Of course it comes with all the extras: WHM, Cpanel, Fantastico, unlimited everything for all your clients and even postgresql (the host updates all the latest cpanel stuff the second it comes out).

    I was looking to sell it for about 12 a quarter, or 4.50 a month. Do you think that the pricing would be about right?

    Thanks for your help and i hope to talk to you soon!

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    Personally I think that 12.00 a quarter or 4.50 a month is way to low. Don't compete with low pricing or you will fail. You have to account in support among other things. You cannot support for 4.50 a month you will go in the red real quick.

    I wouldn't sell it for any less than 25.00 a month. Like I said don't compete with all these low priced resellers. What you want to have is a good support system.

    But thats just my opinion.

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    yeah, i think you may be right. Though if somone came along now and offered me 12 - 15 a quarter for a deal like that i would do it. I give up a lot of hours each day to support, so i offer great support at realy low prices which makes people require a good recomendation before signing up.

    By the way if i talk to the host i am sure i could even sell resellers like:

    10gb storage
    150gb bandwidth
    & all the extras

    For about 48 a quarter ($100 every 3 months)

    Would that still be reasonable?
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    I agree with spark0987
    12.00 a quarter or 4.50 a month is rather low. And once again you want to be able to support other things. If your prices are too low than you cannot do that and regardless of if you have people that buy into your reseller package you will still go down in the red. Raise your prices a few dollars up. Also when you said that if someone offered you that deal you would take it....if it were me i would think twice. I would wonder why is it so cheap? There has to be some kind of a catch or it may not be all that. Sometimes being cheap isnt beneficial. Like the saying goes "you get what you pay for"

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