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    transfer after expiration

    I have some question regarding transfer of domain.

    if someone can transfer his domain to other registrar after expiration of domain

    Like i have a domain which is expired on 18/07/2005 and i want to transfer it with directi the another registrar,after expiration of my domain. Is it possible to transfer the domain with other registrar after expiration and if yes then How??

    My second question is if my domain has been expired and after expiration i execute a request with another registrar. But transfer request failed due to expiration. Now i have only option to renew this domain with current registrar. suppose my current registrar denied to renew it and what will be remedy provided to me.

    Every apprepriate answer to my question will welcome

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    If you domain expired on July 18, your current registrar canNOT deny your renewal. The only thing they can do is to charge some "recovery" (late) fee.

    Moreover, it IS possible to transfer away after expiration. HOWEVER, I doubt you will be able to actually do so in practice because it would involve not only the loosing but also the winning registrars; and either of them could deny your request.

    The best bet now is to renew it with your current registrar ASAP and avoid any extra fee.
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    The real question is how much 'Grace' period your current registrar affords you. After all you are already 11 days expired.

    I'm not saying the transfer can't be done now but if it is a critical domain I would renew with current registrar and soon as you can apply for transfer to the new regustrar. It will mean paying for another year but worth it for the sake of a few bucks
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    Originally posted by OzyWebHost
    After all you are already 11 days expired.
    I think it's "your domain is already 11 days expired", if you know
    what I mean.

    Anyway, ditto what the others said. ICANN rules actually allow an
    expired name to be transferred out, but the gaining registrar's
    systems might recognize transfers only for paid names.

    Don't risk it if the domain's that valuable to you. Best you renew,
    then transfer it 45 days after so your domain name can get more
    years when you finally start the transfer.

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    Ok thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. :-)

    I have renewed my domain with current registrar now but i want to know after how much time i will make transfer to this domain with my desired registrar. i dont want to keep it with my current registrar. how much time ICANN allowed for transfer after renew the domain and it is extend one year to my domain????

    every help is appreciated

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    Knirmal, you can actually transfer it out anytime. But there’s an
    ICANN rule which doesn’t allow the gaining registrar to add any
    extra years to the domain name if the transfer was done within
    45 days of its last renewal.

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    means that after 45 days if i transfer this domain to other registrar then it will extend one year to my domain ?????

    Suppose i have renewed it now now it will expire on 18/07/2006
    and after 45 days i make transfer to other registrar then it will extend one year means 18/07/2007

    Can you clearify that ????????????

    davenzan yourr help is much appreciated :-)

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    Anytime you transfer a domain to another registrar, you have to pay another year's registration fee at the GAINING registrar.

    Then, other than the 45 day rule that DaveZan brought up, your domain name's expiration date is extended out for another year.
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    I have only seen a name registered at bulkregister transfer away after it expired. Most registrars will not allow an expired name to move away
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    Thanks to all for your help

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