Ready to make lots of money? Simply refer a new hosting customer to Spry Hosting. ( When they signup for a hosting plan we will pay you up to a $825 commission. Spry pays 150% commissions! Interested? Keep reading for all the details!

Top affiliates are earning thousands a month
It doesn’t take much to earn a few thousand dollars. Seven new sign-ups a month earns you an easy $1050 commission! Understandably, our top affiliates want to keep this program a secret. You now know about one of the best affiliate programs offered on the Internet.

Restrictions and blackout dates
All products listed on this page are eligible for the affiliate program. Payouts are based on the main package selected, not additional licensing or bandwidth/IP allocations.

Spry Hosting is committed to maintaining a spam/UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) free network. We will not permit our affiliates to "spam announce" us. Any affiliate found to be promoting using spam or UCE will be banned from the program. Any accumulated commissions they have earned WILL NOT be awarded.

65 day waiting period
To prevent "gaming the system" there is a 65 day holding period before we add the commission to your affiliate commission account. This means new customers signing up using your affiliate code must remain customers for 65 days. Upon reaching the 65th day, we credit the funds to your affiliate commission account. Accumulated commissions are distributed by check on the first business day of every month.

Spry Hosting affiliates are welcome to sign up for a hosting account using their own referral code. We encourage all our affiliates to try out Spry Hosting. It gives them a chance to investigate the high quality products and experience the quick support we provide. However, if we determine that an affiliate is signing up over and over again just to cancel on the 66th day then we will not award them any commissions they have earned.

Checking your progress
Affiliates will be given access to a web based control panel which will allow them to monitor how many customers they have referred and on what day. The control panel is updated in real-time so you will be able to check in and see the progress you are making.

Affiliate Account Representative
We will assign you a dedicated affiliate representative that will work one-on-one with you to maximize your earning potential. If you have any questions or comments, speak with your affiliate representative and they will do their best to assist you.

Spry’s Technology
The truly awesome part of working with Spry is the you get to promote great technology and get rewarded for doing it.

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