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    simple message board?

    Does anyone know of a simple message board that's like MBoard ( but offers things such as:

    Mulitple Categories
    Admin Area
    HTML Tags allowed
    Simple Template Editing

    It would be great if someone would be able to find something like this.

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    I didn't have a chance to test it, but you could give it a try. It's simple at least, but I am not exactly aware of all of its features.
    Perhaps you could make use of it.

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    vanilla is very nice but it might not work on all installations of PHP.

    for example, i was looking at one of the lib files the other day and they use the short_open_tag often (<?) instead of the standard syntax (<?php)

    so, depending on your php.ini settings, this might not work, just to let you know, but you can just edit those things if you know what the problems are.

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    I don't think Vanilla is what I'm looking for, though it is a very nice forum. Mabey I'll use it someday.

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    PHPBB is a popular choice. You can embed html directly in using the WYSWG editor. Very powerful and used on many web sites.

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    I know about phpBB, IPB, vB, and all those message boards. I need something very simple, but allows html and has a post deletion option.

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    Kind regards

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    there is a Phorum
    quite simple

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