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Thread: Math help

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    Math help

    Can someone give me the anwser to these questions? I don't do math in the summer

    2. What is the scale factor if a photograph 6" by 8" is enlarged to a painting that is 3 ft. by 4 ft.?
    a. 6
    b. 1/6
    c. 2

    3. How much water should be added to 50 ml of 25% acid solution to dilute it to a 10% acid solution?

    a. 75 ml
    b. 7.5 ml
    c. impossible to do

    5. If each side has a scale factor of 1 in. to 2 ft., the actual perimeter is ___ and the actual area is ______.
    a. 32 ft., 48 ft.
    b. 32 ft., 24 ft.
    c. 48 ft., 32 ft.

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    2) b
    3) a

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    You really should grab a maths book.

    I have about 5 of them from High School if you are interested?
    It's Scott!

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    What VanHost said about the 5th one,

    I er don't think thats enough information to solve it...
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