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    How about Yahoo domain registrar?

    I have always used dotster but I noticed that yahoo offers domains for only $5 per year, are they considered a good domain host? I just want to purchase a new domain, change the nameservers, and I am set. Thanks

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    Many customers I've hosted that have registered with Yahoo had problems updating their DNS servers over. I don't like Yahoo.

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    They use melbourne IT's backend which is pretty robust.
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    I've never used them, but I believe somebody posted recently on here that it was difficult to transfer away from Yahoo. And support was difficult because Yahoo blamed Melbourne IT and Melbourne IT blamed Yahoo with the customer stuck in the middle.

    Like I say, though, I really don't know because I've never used them. You should try doing a search here at WHT and see what you can find.
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    Yes changing owners is very difficult with yahoo also editing is abit messy aswell i would try much better in my opinion.

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    I have tried Yahoo just to check the service / support / stability but it really is messy so I decided to stay with Registerfly
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    Yahoo dumps names really cheap so people come in an buy other services. I do not think they are known for support
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    The last time I check Yahoo will not let you transfer names to another registar.

    I used them at first when I got started with domains but would not recommend them to anyone.

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