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    Great photographs from our history

    Here are 28 photographs that have changed the world.

    I've seen most of them, but never all together.
    Some of them are amazing and capture so much thought and possess so much power.

    Do you have any opinions on these photographs?
    Any other photographs you have in mind?

    My favorite photograph of all time is this one. The look on the Viet Cong mans face is so captivating. It's not exactly a happy scene in history, it's more of a "Life sucks" image.
    Some day I wish to blow the image up really big (eight feet) and get it printed and put it in my house.

    I also like this one, as it shows just how little we (people) have come in controlling our emotions. We think we are civilized, but once we get together the beast comes out. It's nice to turn back to this photo time after time, I wish more people did at least.

    Here is another one I like. I have never seen this one until now, but I think I will do some more research on it.
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    Amazing! They say a picture conveys a thousand words, and it certainly holds true with these pics. : Web Hosting Is What We Do!

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    wow, very nicely organized as well. Great link.
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    Really good photos and captions.
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    Quite touching, I must say. Thanks Jason.
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    Those are some excellent photos.

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    Very nice photos! I guess in several years we will have pictures from our days showing marking moments of history, moments that we witnessed. Those presented there are very good ones.

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