Hey all,

My site: http://www.volconvo.com

My stats: http://www.volconvo.com/stats.gif (awstats+webalizer)

Alexa Rating: 37,568

I am looking to open my site up for several sponsor text ads. I have done business with many advertisers and am very accommodating.

Site Description: The site attracts a variety of different people (white-collar, college students, conservatives, liberals, etc). It is a site that has thousands of discussions/articles related to technology, science, news, etc.

Package Prices/Options:

Ask me about bulk and long-term pricing. If you have several text ads or you want to pay for an extended period in advance I will give you a discount.

Let me know if you would like to do something different. We can always work something out.

Contact me: Send me a pm or email [email protected].