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    CPANEL WHM and Parking or A naming a domain


    I have a reseller account I have WHM and Cpanel.

    Any way had all of my webfiles index.html and what not.

    I want to set up and have it point to (not forward but point to) and also point to

    I mean that when some one goes to it pulls the index.html from mymaindomain public_html folder. and when they click on a link that say takes them to contact.html the address is

    I don't know that parking is what I want since I want to have its own email address just not its own public_html.

    I tried to edit the zone 14400 IN A

    Where is the iP of

    here was the responce:

    zone loaded serial 2005072802

    Bind reloading on saturn using rndc zone: []
    Bind reloading on mercury using rndc zone: []
    Bind reloading on neptune using rndc zone: []
    Bind reloading on jupiter using rndc zone: []

    Zone Modified!

    But when I go to it still pulls up its own public_html not the public_html??

    Any help would be great.


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    Hello CWheat,
    Actually your is not "Parked" it is added as an "addon" domain and hence it is pulling the index page of its own. You do not require to modify the zones for adding the parked domain, just delete the zone that you have added and then using the "cpanel" add the as parked domain, cpanel will atuomatically create the zone and .db file for the and add the "virtualblock" entery for the to point to the public_html folder of your "" that's it.

    If this is confusing to you and if you have the root access to the server then open httpd.conf file find the "" and set the 'DocumentRoot' value as /home/yourusername/public_html (where yourusername is the username of and then restart the webserver. Your will now fetch the pages from

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