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    Arrow Two requests: Modernbill config + PHP coder.

    Hey everyone

    I am looking to get a couple of things done here.

    1. Modernbill setup: It is already installed, but I want you to set it up to work with kayako, I need several order forms created, 2checkout/paypal integration. I also need kayako setup properly with e-mail piping.

    2. Misc php jobs: I need a couple of scripts installed, some vbulletin hacks installed, a couple of html errors fixed etc..

    Ideally some one will be able to do both jobs, but I will hire who I feel is the best for each job (even if it is two different people).

    Please post your offer either; in this thread, or PM it to me.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I can help with the vbhacks,scirpt install and html errors.
    contact me.

    email:[email protected]

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    Hi there,

    I'd be happy to assist with all of the ModernBill requests. You'll find numerous people on this forum that are happy with my work. My standard rate is $35/hr and would be happy to quote a timeframe based on a more accurate representation of work required.

    Please feel free to email or PM me., a Digitally Justified Company
    Celebrating our 9th year in Business

    Proudly Hosting with CANADIAN bandwidth
    Managed Hosting, Multi-Domain Hosting, Colocation, Merchant Accounts

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