Due to the interest from our previous 3 for 1 offer, we're holding it over! For one more week, you can get ONE month FREE for every three months you prepay (up to 2 free months).

Dreamfusion was founded in May 2004 with purpose of providing fast, reliable, affordable web services with complete technical support. If you have any questions, feel free to use the Sales live chat from our website or contact sales[at]dreamfusion.net and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for considering Dreamfusion!

Prepay for 3 months, get the 4th month free*!
Prepay for 6 months, get the 7th and 8th month free*!
You even get our standard 3% off for 3 months, 6% off for 6 months!

Use promo code: WHTJUL05 (free months will be applied once the server is up and only if you select quarterly or semiannual payment options)
Real 24x7 Support - replies within 30 minutes or less
99.5% power/network uptime SLA
FREE basic management (see http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/dedicated/management)

Hurricane Electric or Yipes Bandwidth (though unlikely unless you need lots of IP addresses we may substitute HE for Yipes you will be contacted if this is OK and will get a full refund if you do not approve)
4 IP addresses


BurstNET/Nocster bandwidth
5 IP addresses

ONLY ONE!! AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!! (Well, within a few minutes of your order during business hours and the next morning outside of them)
Pentium 4 2.8
1GB memory
40GB disk
1700GB Yipes bandwidth
32 IP addresses
CentOS 4.1
CPanel/WHM with Fantastico
Remote Reboot Port
$185/mo + $0 setup
In order to prevent multiple people from ordering this server, please use our live chat or contact sales to order this

Celeron 2.4
1GB memory
40GB disk
1400GB transfer on HE.net bandwidth
$99/mo + $0 setup
Order here

Pentium4 2.4
1GB memory
40GB disk
1700GB transfer on HE.net bandwidth
$109/mo + $0 setup
Order here

Pentium3 700
256MB memory
40GB disk (or 9GB SCSI disk)
2000GB transfer on BurstNET bandwidth
$65/mo + $0 setup
Order here

(HE.net/Yipes only)
Add a second 40GB disk for $7/month
Add/Upgrade a disk to 80GB for $12/month
Add/Upgrade a disk to 200GB for $27/month

Windows 2003 Std is $25/month
CPanel with Fantastico: $22/month
DirectAdmin: $15/month

Remote Reboot (HE.net/Yipes only): $25 setup or $5/month

CentOS 3 or 4, Fedora Core available, we recommend CentOS 4 for CPanel servers, and CentOS 3 for DirectAdmin

Need a special configuration? Faster processor? Bigger disk? More bandwidth? They qualify for the buy 3 get 1 free deal too! Contact sales[at]dreamfusion.net for details.

We may substitute ordered hardware with better hardware.

Reformats are $100 each

HE.net/Yipes are located in ThePlanet's DC in Dallas TX
BurstNET is well, BurstNET's DC

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal (through Paypal), no Paypal account required.

IRC, SPAM, questionably legal, illegal content prohibited
AUP: http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/aup
ToS: http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/terms
Transfer is counted as sum of in+out
Setup in within 72 hours

Contact sales[at]dreamfusion.net for more information or to order. You can also try our sales live chat on our website! ( http://www.dreamfusion.net/go/home/ )

*Free includes all extra prepaid options such as addon disks and control panels, excludes overage charges if applicable and reformat fees