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    * GD2 help - to make Coppermine Thumbnails

    Hi, I have a Coppermine Gallery, and I want to use GD2 to make the thumbnails (or imagemagick, but was told to use GD2)

    I have no clue how to get/install GD2. My friend is my host, and he doesn't know either

    Could someone please help me, because without an image resizing 'thing' like GD2 or ImageMagick, I can't upload pictures. But I really like the Coppermine Gallery, it's the best I've found!

    It says:

    PHP running on your server does not support the GD image library, check with your webhost if ImageMagick is installed.

    My computer is Windows XP

    I use WS_FTP95 to upload

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    If your friend doesn't know how to do it - he isn't much of a server admin. Installing GD should take about 5 minutes.

    Go here and read and figure it out. You'll learn a lot.
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    First you need to install the GD2 if it's not on your server already. It can be obtained from here:

    Next you need to re-compile PHP with GD Support, basically add this line when you run ./configure: --with-gd=/path/to/gd.

    Now if PHP is a dynamic module for Apache you simply have to restart Apache: /path/to/apache/bin/apachectl restart

    However if PHP is compiled into Apache as a static module then you must re-compile Apache and then restart it with the above command.

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    Thankyou, I will tell him that.

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    You can download this script to test if your server support GD or imagemagic.
    http: // /

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    need help

    Hi, I was trying to install the GD library on the server

    PHP Version: 4.3.8
    Web Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0
    WebServer to PHP interface: cgi-fcgi

    Steps I've already did in PHP.INI:

    1. uncommented the line:


    2. I've checked the folder extensions and they are correct

    extension_dir = "c:/php/extensions"

    3. Restart the server

    and when is restarted PHP is not functioning.

    What else can be wrong?

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