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    Any ideas how to do this?


    I just got to two reseller accounts from two different companies. One is on Windows, helm control panel and the other ones uses linux, cpanel.

    how should i setup a login for users i wann have a login page on the website...

    i am new to this hosting this.. but just wanna feel for it..

    as far as now, I am gonna get 4 name servers for my domain

    ns1,ns2 for windows
    ns3,ns4 for linux

    is there way i can configure both control panels on my website?
    i am gonna host my own website on the windows server... i thnk that hardly matters..

    so basically my control panel for windows would hve server address for my windows server.. and boom login..

    and then have another control panel login for cpanel.. which is linux..

    am i on teh righ track?

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    You can install the HSphere CP on the linux box to manage both servers. It's the only one that can manage both Linux and Windows systems from a single box that I'm aware of. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong though...

    Plesk is available for Windows and Linux but I'm not experienced in how they can integrate.
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    You can create a login page with HTML form for users entering username/password, and choose Helm or cPanel, then submit it to different addresses.

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    ... i can create the form not an issue at all.. but how do i connect to it the database.. any ideas?

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    You will need to view source code of your cPanel - Helm login pages, to find out where they will be submitted. Create form with the same textbox name... For example, your Helm account will require to submit username and password to http://Helm-ip/default.asp, meanwhile your cPanel account will require to submit username and password to http://cPanel-ip/login.... In your form, you have option: if choose option 1, form will be submitted to Helm, if choose option 2, form will be submitted to cPanel....

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