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    [For Sale] - Hosting Design + Domain


    I have an excellent hosting design available.

    It can be seen here;

    This is a simple yet stylish hosting design for your business.

    I am also including the domain name - (NameCheap) with this sale.

    This design can be coded into valid XHTML/CSS if you wish, however this shall incur an extra cost.

    Looking for $150 USD

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    Before doing business with Chris Gwynne be warned he is a scammer.

    He has been banned from yaxay and talkfreelance.

    Read here -
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    Having read the threads at talkfreelance and yaxay, I really hope this sammer gets banned from these forums - and soon.
    Why always the fighting?
    - Dr Zoidberg, Futurama
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    Chris, you might address this thread please.
    Closed for further investigation.
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