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    Starting Web hosting Business in uk ??


    i like to start my own web hosting business ? but before i go and spend my hard earn cash i thorugh i might aswell ask you experinced lot on here?

    I only have few basic questions :

    1. Should i buy a reseller account in the UK or USA ?
    2. How many sales did you lot get in your first month ?
    3. How much money did people start off to get their web hosting business going ?
    4.Say if i buy reselling account how would my customer purchase their domains and a search the uk whois database ?
    5.Should i go with the following accounts :

    Sonnet Hosting
    * 1GB disk space
    * 15GB monthly data transfer
    * Host unlimited domains
    * Personal nameservers
    * Simple to upgrade
    * More...
    * 12.99 / monthly

    1GB Web Space per domain
    25GB Monthly Transfer per domain
    cPanel Control Interface
    Unlimited Parked Domains
    Unlimited POP Emails
    Unlimited Email Forwarding
    Unlimited Email Auto Responders
    Unlimited Email Aliases
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited Sub Domains
    Unlimited My SQL Databases
    Web-based Email
    24/7 Technical Support
    39.99 PER MONTH (Bit out of my budget )

    Could any Suggest any other resellers based in the Uk who are offering a cheap start up reselling account ???

    thanks - i know i got long way 2 go .


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    I am sorry to say this, but a 40 reseller that is a " bit out of my budget" says to me that this business is not for you.

    As a host today, you need to either have 1 a USP that is far greater than other hosts (unlikely), or a lot of start up capital for various things such as advertising, servers, support, website designs etc etc.

    Two years ago, 50 a month would see you ok in the hosting sector, however today, unless you are a very very good salesmen or just have the best luck in the world, you might aswell forget it as it is a saturated market now.

    This is only my opinion. You might ignore it, and become the next site5. However the odds are stacked against you.

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    I'm interested in expand to uk market, if you want we could make something together, i'm from a spanish web hosting company with 5 server for the moment. pm me if you want honest european provider

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    I can help you with a great accounts to help expand your business and we would love to expand to the uk market as well please PM me

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