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    Webmaster Needed for Former Heavyweight Champion Boxer

    Web Master Needed!
    If you are a webmaster and want to work on a web site we need you. Being a boxing/sports fan is a plus but not a must!!! A former boxing champion is making his comeback and climbing the ranks quickly, and we need a site made, along with a message board, email and possibly a place to order merchandise! At this time, we cannot pay. But the rainbow at the end of pot my be full!!! Let us know by email about your intention. Good news: we do not need a 3 page resume and 15 letters of recommendation. But we'll appreciate a couple of links to any web sites that you have worked on with the description of your part in creation of those sites.

    You gotta have your own computer and internet connection though to become Bruce Seldon's (The Atlantic City Express)webmaster. I will provide the majority of the content and I am looking for the webmaster to add all the bells and whistles to help make the site appealing and informative!!! We will not be paying you a salary, but we might be able to offer that in the future. The webmaster will also be privvy to inside information regarding Bruce's future and will be more than welcome to some signed memorabilia from the former champ if interested!!!

    Please email Jim Kurtz at [email protected] if you are interested.

    Thanks all!

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    If you need programmers/developers i recommend to visit and post the job there
    Jorge Campos | WBpro
    Web Building Professionals

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    Klitchko still a champ. And they pay.

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    Moved to the Employment forum so users can respond with offers. Good luck.

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