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    Need a design for Motorcycle Stunt and Custom bike site!!

    Looking to get some prices on having a template and custom buttons made for

    I like the layout of this site: ( I don't want a rip of that site, I just happen to like the look and layout. )

    I really donít need flash or anything fancy for it. There is also a shopping cart that we would be using, same one as so would need buttons and such to matach the design and the design would also be used on as thatís where we will be taking all the orders and such since the shopping cart is already setup and ready there plus SSL and such.

    I have a few 1000 images from the calendar we did this year for the header and such that you would be able to pick from to make parts of the site that need images.

    We would need some stuff signed because these images can't be release as they are all copyright. I would like to work with someone in the US if we can.

    Please PM or email me quotes, don't reply here I will answer your emails or PMs.


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    I tried to PM you but your inbox is full.
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