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    Looking for a VPS for a moderate size forum.

    I posted this in the webhosting section already, but was advised to bring it over here as well for more specialized answers so here goes.

    I came here a little over a year ago looking for a web host for my vBulletin forum based website and was directed to A Small Orange.

    They were a great host to me for a year and I want to thank the people here that recommended them, but apparently the site is now too large for their shared package and I'm back looking for new recommendations.

    Currently use about 2gigs of HD space
    Roughly 8 million hits a month, as high as 15
    50gigs bandwidth/month, as high as 120
    400-800 total users in a day
    Up to 2000 posts per day

    A Small Orange is pointing us to their Professional VPS plan which runs $90/month for 256mb ram and 500mhz CPU and plenty of HD and bandwidth.

    As a worst case scenario we'll do that, but as a non profit (no income at all actually) that number is a bit high for us.

    Can you please recommend any other stable hosts that could handle our needs?

    Thank you,


    Edit: Also I lack the techinical knowledge to setup a VPS so I would need a host that takes care of that side of things for me.

  2. Rick,

    I have hosted forums on a VPS before.
    One advise I can give you is that choose either Xen or Virtuozzo based provider. The forums was lagging very badly on the UML platform.

    Good luck on your search!
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    Thanks for the heads up Roy'

    I will definitely keep that in mind.

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    Maybe look to getting your own dedicated server? LayeredTech runs some nice deals. Also, maybe even see if you can get a deal with a shared hosting company to give you a very large account.
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    I agree, for $90/month you can get a nice size dedicated server. I would also highly recomend layeredtech.

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    You should try LiquidWeb, PowerVPS, or ServInt. They are the three most popular VPSes here... and you can get those specs and much more for half the price. Not a very good deal.

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    $90 a month? Give me a break.


    Steadfast Networks


    Those are the top 3 I would go with. Steadfast and LiquidWeb are managed, so I believe they setup and maintain the core OS (IE: updates to cpanel, OS updates, etc). PowerVPS is also managed I believe, but I do not know what level of managment they provide.

    You should fire emails to as many companies as you find, and see which ones have the best response times, etc.

    I don't know what control panel A Small Orange provides, but Cpanel will be your best bet. It is easy to learn and has alot of documentation available.

    Finally, check around these forums for deals on VPS's. LiquidWeb currently has a $10 off deal and I believe Steadfast and PowerVPS have run some in the past.

    Good luck, and post here if you need anything else,

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    Don't even worry about whatever company you are getting your quotes from.

    For VPS:

    $49 a month comes with CPANEL/WHM

    For Dedicated:

    $69 + $25 gets you a low-end dedicated server with CPANEL/WHM

    I'd be glad to help you manage it for free of charge if you give me a PM if you decide to go with either of the two above.

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    PowerVPS sounds fine, I think.



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