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    Exclamation Tale from a WBPro Client

    guys.. if you need a good, cheap, secure, 24/7 uptime hosting solution... may I suggest like I did...
    I first didn't trust them because their not so fancy webpage looking they have on their main site, something that irrelevant but humans misjudge if something doesn't look fancy (at least I used to do it), but wbpro people sure did prove me wrong. I have had a couple of other hosting accounts with other people well known webhosters, but never with such a great fast support and constant optimization of the servers.. if a new security vulnerability is found BOOM patched asap and they inform you about it, you don't have to enter fancy "server status" pages.

    att. Satisfied Customer

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    What is the domain you host with them and how long have you had an account with them?

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    I have a cuople of domains.. my personal domain is its currently empty, other domains are, and, this last 3 are not mine, but are managed with my account.

    my personal account I use for this domains its quite new, but I have been using another business account from wbpro since 2002! since 2002 I have had only 1 problem (HD crash) resolved on a couple of hours. Im posting this as a very happy client of them, I know the hard work it is to keep this type of quality.

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    Thank you Rolo for your post. Is good to hear that our work is appreciated.

    I look forward to having you with us for years to come.
    Jorge Campos | WBpro
    Web Building Professionals

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