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    How to go about 2 servers and 1 domain ?


    I have a linux vps on which is liked with my current domain. I have bought a dedicated now which is with some other company and i came to know that single domain can be used with an nuimber of this true ?

    If, yes then how do i go about it ? I have CPanel on both servers.


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    Hi Tapan,

    There is 2 main options to use the domain on the 2 servers. The first of these is to use the second dedicated server as a backup DNS, which means, theoretically, that half the traffic will go to your VPS and the other half will go to your dedicated server. I am sure you don't want this option.

    The other option is to create a subdomain on your VPS server and direct that subdomain to your dedicated server. This should be achieved by editing the DNS zone for the subdomain in cpanel on the VPS server. Otherwise you can manually edit the files and get the same result.

    If you need any more help give me a yell

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    You can also see if your ISP offers round robin DNS One of the largest security forums. Security Archive.

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