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    How often you change your layout?

    I ve got 2 questions for serious web host owners.

    1. How often do you change your website's layout & do you think its a nessesary step to attract new clients?

    2. Allmost all of us use ready made billing scripts (whoiscart, whmap, etc) Do you think the brading of the sign up pages is SO important? Will the customers feel uncomfortable without branding or vise versa?
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    1) I change my layup probably about once every 2-3 years, tops. I do not get most of my audience from internet advertising, so the layout's still new to everyone who hasn't seen it. I'd rather breed familiarity with current clients over constant changes.

    2) Very important. A potential client needs to "trust" a signup page. If it's not properly integrated, I think some people can lose that trust.

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    1) We're always changing parts of the website, we never fell it's quite right. Changes shouldn't be too drastic, or customer may feel lost. Changes should stay within the site style.

    2) I think it's important to have the order form branded, or the custom may feel lost again. We use a custom order form [as well as billing system] so all the pages are branded with us.

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    I wouldn't even consided redesigning for a long time. The layout is way too integrated into my custom members area/billing/helpdesk and would take a long time to change. I should have put more thought into changing the design later when I scripted it all.
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    As for branding, this is a must. It makes the customer feel like they didn't "wander off".

    It's probably better to keep the same layout forever basically if it's a good one. If you get a brand new layout every year, it defeats the purpose of corporate branding. I mean honestly, if McDonald's changed their sign from the big M to a cheeseburger, you'd be less likely to go. Look at all of the big boys in any market and you'll see that they try to keep things the same. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    We initial changed our layout; however, with another site we had up we did not change it for two years. Why create extra expenses when for the most part no one cares. Yahoo and Google for example just on normal websites ad services but they do not change the layouts of them. has has the same layout for a long time. I do not planning on changing bizhostingnetwork's for awhile.

    Integration is a definite yes. I had a request for a design job that required integration of all scripts into the design. Customers feel saver. Being a user of many products and services over the Internet I know that when I am forwarded to or something outside of the company website I think twice. Hosting clients do the exact same thing. And, with the way individuals move from host to host it is good to keep as much the same and professional as possible so you do not lose them to another host that out did you.
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