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    ASP.NET Coder Needed for *BASIC* Community Features Script

    I would like someone to create the basic groundwork for a community site for me. The main feature of this script is that it MUST be heavily commented as I will be using this as a tutorial type script to help me learn.

    Features Required:
    1) Member Signup (with email verification)
    Self explanatory, someone signs up using a signup form, an email gets sent to the address they provided and they must then follow a link to validate their account.
    2) Member Login
    Self explanatory, after signing up and verifying their email address the user then can login to website.
    3) Member Profile Page
    A page that that displays a picture of the member (member uploads must have option to upload a picture) Also displays some info that was provided during signup (name, age, location etc) - Member must also have the option to fill in an 'about me' field and a 'Likes/Dislikes' field that can be displayed on this page also.
    4) Private Message
    The facility to send private messages to other members.
    5) Buddy List
    The facility to view 'friends' who use the site when theyre logged into website also.
    6) Forum
    A basic forum feature, not looking for anything fancy here just somewhere that members can post communial messages.

    Script must be done in ASP.NET and using either an MySQL or MSSQL database.

    Please PM me how much you would be willing to do this work for. Please also include info on how long youve been coding in .NET, predicted time to complete this script and links to any examples of your work. Do not PM me requesting my IM details to discuss this further as I will only discuss this via PM on this site.
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