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    expandable hosting


    I am currently hosted with dreamhost, which i have to say is a great company but I am going to be programming in (they don't support it) :/

    I am so lost trying to find a good host. I have already jump from 4 different ones and my cash flow is comming to hault.

    I am planning on building a community, so i need a host that can expand with me. I want to buy a starter plan for now and know in the future that I can upgrade the plan to one that will handle my needs.

    I thought dreamhost was perfect but they don't offer and will not upgrade for

    any suggesting would be GREAT!

    thanks for your offers,
    best regard,


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    Have you tried the Host Quote feature?

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    I know stormhosts plans are expandable. Check out their site. Also offer

    Matt Midgley

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