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    Few databases for sale incl drinks, recipes, jokes 1000 + each listings.

    This is my months hardwork. Have done so much hardwork to get all this compiled. I have sold 2 copie so far of this, will sell another 4.

    First of all Recipes database
    *25+ Categories
    * 1100+ listings

    These recipes are extra ordinary recipes which you cant find anywhere, just in the states and so.

    Selling these for 70 $ each.

    Each recipe has a name,description, techniques, stuff involved.


    Drinks database of Recipes

    Has 30 catergories
    1500 listings

    These recipes are from magazines, tvs and everywhere.
    A lot of hardwork is spent.

    Will sell 6 copies of it, sold 1 so far.

    Selling these for 100 $ each.

    Jokes (entertainment database)
    800 jokes
    50 pictures
    55 tips
    70 riddles

    Will sell 6 copies of it, havent sold any so far.

    Selling these for 80 $ each..


    Payment via paypal or 2checkout.

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    interested where did you get the data for these

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    Data as i stated is from books, tv shows, magazines, newspapers, on net and so and bars and so too.

    Restaurants of US too.

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    1 more copy sold for drinks db, few left.

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    do you have any live demos of the databases, im interested in the drinks one and pretty much all of them, but need more info, pm me with an aim name or more info please.
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    i might be interested in a few, you willing to lower the price a little?

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    Pm sent emzec, paul maybe a little, pm me your aim or msn.

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    1 more copy sold.

    Only a few left, come on guys , grab this.

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    1 more sold for all.

    3 each left for all of them.

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    can i see a demo of one, interested in which script these were input to.

    If we buy 2 different ones can you do a discount ?

    can we resell the database info ourselves ? or with a site ?

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    No sorry no resell rights, you can just use only this db with one or two sites.

    Discount 15 % if you buy 2 and 20 % discount if you buy 3

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    Files sent golfer, pleasure working with you.

    Only a few copies left now guys, offer will end by tuesday.


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    Wow have recived such a great responce and many sales, thanks everyone, there is only one more day in this sale, it ends on monday.

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    1 copy sold to JCR.

    Only another bundle of left.

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    how much for the lot?

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