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    does anybody have any contact details for these guys other than whats listed on their site?



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    Amit Patel

    Registrant's Address:
    Unit 12 Central Business Centre
    Great Central Way
    NW10 0UR

    Thats all there was on WHOIS for the domain, have you tried contacting their support for more details?
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    They have been awol for about 3-4 days now

    no replies to email, phone number doesn't work, help desk is operational but nobody is answering my support tickets

    very strange as they have 24hour support and normally get back to me within an hour

    I hope they aren't going out of business, very bad timing for me if they are, I'm supposed to launch a new portal site on monday and its on their server unfinished and in need of an update

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    wow I figured out that they had a 3rd party doing their support and so I emailed them and this is what I just got back

    We do not support hostsupreme anymore. They had tried us out for a short time
    and when payment time came, they did not pay and hence we had stopped. I am
    sorry that we would not be able to help you in this.

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    just spoke to the host admin guy and all is well now

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    these guys have dissapeared off the face of the earth again

    does anybody know whats going on with them? do I need to move hosts?

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    If your host is not responding to tickets it's time to move, there are a lot of quality web hosts out there who would appreciate your custom.

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    they just suspended my account now

    something well fishy going on with them

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    Sounds like they might be having troubles. Probably a good idea to take any backups you have and look for another host in case you can't resolve your problem
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