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    Question Site5 questions from prospective client

    Hi all,

    I've seen the great reviews on here for Site5.

    Their True Multisite plan is very interesting for the price.

    The only thing that annoys me is that there is no phone it really necessary?

    I'm in Europe, and them, being in California are 9 hours behind!

    Their sales hours are 9am PST to 5pm PST: That's 6pm to 2am my time.... when business is finised!
    Why don't they have 24/7?

    Of course, their support is supposed to be #1 and respond in 15 mins... is that really true?

    Another problem being in Europe is pings. 90% of our visitors will be in Europe.

    I pinged and got 110ms, European sites give me 30-40ms... will the site be slow? Will it be noticeable?

    Does anyone know of any European sites hosted by them so that I can test the ping?

    Do they host any "big" sites?



    PS: Can I use Outlook and IMAP with no size or attachment ?limitations?

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    "Another problem being in Europe is pings. 90% of our visitors will be in Europe."

    No you will not feel the differance.

    "Do they host any "big" sites?"

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    Why don't they have 24/7?
    That's simply their policy and way of doing business. Probably the main market they try to target is not interested in that. I know I don't care much for phone support.

    Will it be noticeable?
    There will be a difference but chances are no one will notice it while browsing sites. How many times were you able to make the difference between US hosted sites and Europe hosted ones unless you were actively trying to make a comparison?

    Do they host any "big" sites?
    Probably a good question to ask them directly, although their privacy policy might prevent them from sharing customer sites with third parties.

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    Thanks guys...

    If I had for example a page full of photos (say 30), where you could click on each one to see it fullscreen, would it take longer to load from a US server than a European one? Would clients notice the difference?


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    Does anyone know a European site hosted on site5 so that I can evaluate speed/ping?

    Does anyone know of a big site hosted by them (really popular)?


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    Just ping if you want to test response times. Being a european site or not won't affect ping times. Or you could ask them for a test IP that you can ping.
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    All pings under 200ms are great. Of course the site would be faster from a European host, the difference would be barely noticed.

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    I am living in Europe, and using Site5 myself; and since I am a bit of a night-owl I don't see any harm in the time difference...
    Also I don't notice any slowness due to distance. I'd say it's more important that the host has plenty of bandwidth connecting their server park to the internet backbone.
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