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    Needed - PHP/CSS/MySQL Coder Req.

    Looking to have a new design layout coded for use.

    The site is located at:

    - Site to be XHTML compatible/CSS
    - PHP operation of the site

    Backend Controls: MySQL
    - Poll, results controlled by IP and final total displayed in open window upon vote completion
    - left/right side bar items as well as link controls
    - News segment (front page)
    - News Segment in 2 parts (link page)
    - Wallpaper & calendar segments (upload and link)
    - Our Works as seen displayed on site (multiple pages as needed)
    - Contact Page and form
    - Our Models segment as shown

    Integration of:
    - Statistic Analysis code - pphlogger
    - Banner Management code - powerbanner or other

    Budget is limited, however the successful coder of this may also be given another needed project of similar scope to complete as well.

    email all enquires, costs and time frame to:
    glen at []

    Please provide reference of previous works of similar nature that are indeed yours, along with reference (will be checked).

    Thanks to all interested parties.

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    Hello GeeWhiz,

    Limited budget = less them U$ 1000,00 ?

    Lukas D. K.

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