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    Making the move...

    Hi guys

    I'm running a business for almost a year (9 months) and it's starting to make some profit now. I can say with quite confidence that my business has reached a point where is self-sustained and there isn't a sign that it's going back.

    The "problem" is that I have a full-time job though and it's getting hard for me as my business requires a lot of my free time. I'm well paid and the profit I'm making with my business is not even half of what I get in the full-time job. But I feel much better working in my business as it's something I've created despite it's not yet as "profitable" as my job.

    So I'm thinking (and almost decided) in making the move: leave my current full-time job and dedicate this time to my business.

    What do you guys think?
    Wanna share your own experiences a little bit?

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    Personally i would soldier on until your company begins to make quite a bit more than your full time job, Or you could consider hiring staff for when your at work. Remember your business could have a total turnaround and then you will have a failing business and no day job. You have to be sure that its going to be the source of a regular income that you need to basically live. Just make sure you think of all the ifs and buts.

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    I agree with The Napster, especially if you have a wife, SO and/or children.
    Why not hire (even if you need to outsource to save some $$) someone to watch the business while you're at work? Even if they're just answering support questions this can take a major headache away from you.
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    That's a very hard decision. For me I thought of it for a long time until the hosting biz grow to the extend that I have to run it full time. Have to give up a job that I really enjoy , doing research and development.

    I think if you can wait , wait until your business is really profitable and able to pay as well as your current job before leaving. Better to play safe, as it will be very difficult to return to existing job once you are stuck with the web hosting biz. It is really quite a commitment.

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    Don't just completely leave your job.
    Ask for less hours or become a part- time employee.

    Also when you decide to fully leave your job to do this full time, I would advise for you to have enough money in the to live off for a few months. You must be prepared for unexpected expenses.

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