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    Web design tutorials

    Would any body be able to piont in the direction of a good web design tutorials

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    web design

    and not w3schools as i did not find this very helpful

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    w3schools is an excellent resource to learn the technology, it teaches website development, but it doesn't teach website design.

    I'm not sure of places that teach website design, it's really not something that can be taught, it takes practice, determination and the want to learn.

    What program do you have access to?
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    yeah i concur, for me webdesigning is: photoshop, dreamweaver and flash sometimes. these three is my 3 primary tools in webdesigning. ps is where i create my gfx, dreamweaver is where i code it, and to add some flavor to it is use flash for my animations, and as the poster above me said, it takes a lot of practice and the WILL to learn it. (am i off topic? lol)

    okay.. here are some good places to start mate:

    mostly tutorial sites (if not all) does have links or somes call it affiliate links to each other. if you ever dropped to a good tut site, bookmarking would help.

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