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    How to I set up this special type of rediect?


    I am looking for the code (probably java script I would think) that would redirect a person to the very last webpage they were at before they visited my domain. I also want a delayed redirect so that I can show a page momentarily that says, something to the effect that accesss to the site is denied and that they are bieng redirected to the very last page they visited.

    So for example, if someone is at and then they type in my domain, they will be redirected to which was the very last URL their browser was displaying. Even if it would only be possible to redirect them to the home page of the last site they were on and not the specific page of that site, that would be fine as well.

    I would think that there is a very simple redirect code or java script or whatever that will read the users browser history and redirect them to the very last page they visited before they visited

    Is this possible? Anyone have the code? I can't find it anywhere. I have searched the net and come up empty handed. I simply do not know exactly what I am searching for anyway as far as the right keywords.


    PS. The delayed redirect is not absolutely necessary but would be great if possible.

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    I am a little confused... let me know if I am on track...

    You are on, then go and type in ( being your site). You want to redirect the user back to But have a short pause with a splash screen.

    This is possible. I know how to do this with ASP. You could probably figure out the PHP method very easily.

    Let me know if you want the codeage!

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    Thank you for your response. Yes, you have it right and yes, I wouldn't mind the ASP code even though I never use or used ASP. I have only dabbled in PHP. Having the ASP code might be a good step to gettign the PHP code. I might be able to figure it out myself, but i am not PHP proficient by any means. BUt I think I might be able to find someone to translate the code into PHP.

    If you can just post the code here then maybe someone can come along and change it into PHP code if they know how. In the meantime, I will find someone else to help me translate it.

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help. I have been looking for this code for a few months now. Some told me it wasn't possible. That didn't sound right to me.

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