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    Worst Service Ever from B-ONE.NET

    This is how B-one Supports you guys, if you buy a domain... not only the make u wait 2 months, they also give u the fault... but when the recived my money, they shall their 32 teeth... as soon as they have ur money.. then this is how u get a respons... i would recommend not to buy any soultion from b-one ever..

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Dinesh'
    Dinesh: Thank you for using B-one Interactive Online Support. My name is Dinesh. How may I assist you?

    you: Hello Dinesh,

    Dinesh: Hi there.

    you: I am very unsatified with ur process of getting a webhosting
    Dinesh: Why is it so?

    you: i ordered a websoulotion for 1 month ago, and still i havent recived anything from you guys..
    you: i have done the payment all what i need to do
    you: and the process from ur side is very slow...
    you: waiting 1 month for a simple websoulotion according to my opinion is very long time
    you: are u outsourced from b-one or are u in b-one ?

    Dinesh: I can certainly understand your frustration. Let me be the one to help you!

    you: cause if u are outsourced, then i belive it will not help anything complaing to you

    Dinesh: We have not outsourced our support services.
    Dinesh: May I know your domain name or the order number of your B-one subscription?
    you: ok, then please be kind enough to active my account now, orelse i would like my money back
    you: This is the supporting process
    you: its in danish, if u wish i can give u a short translation of what is written
    you: I ordered the domain before 5-06-05
    you: todays date is 28 - 07

    Dinesh: Please give me a moment while I check the status for your order.
    you: yes please

    Dinesh: According to our records, the status of your order (order number : 173326) is 'cancelled' . I cannot determine the exact reason for the cancellation. This could be due to false information provided during registration on any other issue.

    you: well no false informations has been given
    you: i also done the payment
    you: i sended a fax
    you: i have another domain from

    Dinesh: Regarding this, I suggest that you submit an email to our support team at [email protected] who would further investigate this issue and get back to you with the resolution.

    you: well i am located in Denmark
    you: does that have any influence
    you: i think i would try another company than b-one... i feel cheated for 2 months

    Dinesh: No, that should not be an issue. Like I said - I cannot confirm the exact reason as of now.
    you: is it possible to get my money back..
    Dinesh: I cannot comment on that. You need to submit an email to the above address for the resolution.

    you: ok
    you: but i would like you to know, that the service is very very cheap and bad
    you: i didnt expect anything like this from b-one

    Dinesh: That is your perspective and I cannot help you with that.
    you: i will never recommend anyone to buy from b-one again

    Dinesh: If you have waited 2 months for the domain to get active - it is your fault.

    you: many of my friends have accounts in b-one.. even the servers are very slow..
    you: is it my fault ??

    Dinesh: Please read our terms of business.
    Dinesh: We have mentioned clearly that if you do not receive any notifications in 7 days, you have to contact us again for the status.
    you: how can you say its my fault, i have waited 2 months, i have been waiting each and everyday for a respons and no respons given
    Dinesh: Before registering your domain with B-one , we assume that you have read our terms of business./
    Dinesh: Now one fine day - after 2 months you are enquiring about your domain. \
    you: well registering a domain should be very simple..
    you: this really cannot be true. but leave it all, i will send a mail to [email protected] and ask for my money
    you: thanks for your help, its nothing personally, i just dont like the service of b-one
    Dinesh: You are welcome.
    Dinesh: Goodbye and have a nice time.
    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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    Wrong Section.
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    can someone movie it for me ?

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    Sounds a bit arrogant of Dinesh. 2 months is a long time to wait but it's poor customer service to just state that it's your fault. Strange that he said "let me be the one to help you" and then ... fobbed you off.

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