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    special auto-increment

    this is something that is probably very used on databases...

    there's a users table and a (for example) notes table... each user may have N notes... the notes table has "user_id" and "note_id" fields (both primary key)...
    is there an easy way to make the note_id auto-increment for each "user_id" (and not just 1,2,3,4...)?

    for example:
    you add a note for user_id=1, so the note_id=1
    then you add another note for user_id=1, note_id=2
    now you add a note for user_id=2, the note_id=1, not 3

    can this be done with mysql or the script must do it?


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    It would need to be script/application-level. Is there a reason you need it per-user unique, but it can't be globally unique?
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    If your database supports sequences, you can use those. If it doesn't use a DB class that has sequence support (like PEAR:B).
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