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    Question Recommendations about purchasing modernbill and a support system

    Hi everyone!

    I've been reading these forums for a while and have learned a lot from all your posts. I decided to join and ask for your recommendations.

    We've decided to invest some money into our internal hosting service (we have a small web design business) and spin it off as a separate hosting business. We will be purchasing a 250 user owned Modernbill license to manage our billing process, however I have some questions about it:

    -Where do you recommend I purchase the license: Modernbill? A reseller? Can you recommend one?
    -I've read that modernbill's support system is not so good, so we will also be investing in a separate support system. Which one do you recommend?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Well if you dont want to purchase modernbill directly from the, check the Advertising forums and you should find discounted license, make sure however the its approved by modernbill and ready to be transferred to your name/domain.

    as far as the support system your best options are kayako and cerberus both integratable with modernbill, i personally recommend cerberus.
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    I'm going to second the recommendation for cerberus, amazing software and works well with ModernBill with a little work.
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    -Where do you recommend I purchase the license: Modernbill? A reseller? Can you recommend one?
    You should purchase your license directly through ModernBill.

    Also, Kayako and Cerberus are both excellent support options. I, however, highly recommend Kayako. The integration for Kayako is a breeze, literally just drag and drop a few files in a directory and add your database information to a configuration file. That is all there is to it. Also, Kayako has released RC1 of v3 which is really unmatched in our opinion. We are currently using v2, and will wait for the stable release of v3. Even with v2 though, we still prefer the product over Cerberus.

    If you do a search on Kayako and Cerberus you will find hundreds of posts in this forum comparing and contrasting the features. Both are great products, and when operated properly, will keep your customers very happy.

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    I use modernbill, once you get it set up to how you want it its works pretty good.

    Cerberus is an awsome support system.

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    We use Modernbill + Kayako eSupport (waiting for Stable release as well to integrate SupportSuite)


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    Thank you guys!

    I will be purchasing Modernbill directly through them, and will lease Kayako eSupport until they release their new version.

    Any more recommendations?

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    I'm currently using Modernbill and Cerberus. I checked the online demos from modernbill and other billing systems and i found Modernbi9ll to be the most complete one.

    Regarding the support desk i decided Cerberus mainly beacuse it has the possibility to generate a free key to use with one email adress. This is a great idea for a business starting since you wouldn't have to worry about money until you get more customers and need other support techs to access the system.

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    I think if you buy eSupport now you will still get the upgrade to the new version. I purchased mine about 6 weeks ago and have just installed v3 for free

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    I definately say Kayako eSupport for the ticketing system. Works wonderfully!
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    If your still looking for recommendations. I have used esupport, cerberus, and supporttrio. Honestly, I like my supporttrio; however, I have not seen v3 of esupport. Supporttrio has the server monitor ect. I feel it operates smoother too.
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    Kayako eSupport is the best support helpdesk integrated wih Modernbill.

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