AkagiNet Mobile is offering potential advertisers, advertising spaces on the website.

We attract an average of 11XX unique visitors a day (as of July 05). It has grown from June's average of 9XX unique visitors a day. As of today, we have more than 12200+ members. Our visitors are mainly young people aged between 16-30.

Our webalizer statistics can be viewed here:

Before April 05: http://www.akaginet.com/webalizer
After April 05: http://www.akaginet.com/stats

Cost of advertising: By paying only $20 (via paypal) a month, you'll be receiving unlimited banner impressions on our website. Not only are your advertisements seen on the mainpage, your banner (468x60pixels) will also be displayed on our forum!

Alternatively, we offer you the avenue to showcase your products/services in our mail-out newsletter. The rate is the standard $0.005 per member.

Feel free to reply to this thread if you're interested or you've some questions.