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    server load go maxed

    I'm running a cpanel/whm box

    I detect the problem that cause my server load to go maxed but wonder how to solve it permanently. The following is the step taken to solve the problem temporary whenever the server load go maxed:

    1. login to WHM and under service manager uncheck eximstats and syslogd
    (note: without eximstats and syslogd disable, server load go maxed immediately after
    server restart and unable to ssh to server)
    2. restart the server
    3. ssh to the server and remove file in /usr/local/apache/domlogs
    3. go to service manager and enable eximstats and syslogd again

    This service has to be done daily otherwise the server load will go up to 18, I just worry server will crash.

    In my tweak settings, under Stats and Logs, I have checked "Delete each domain's access logs after stats run"

    My biggest problem now is I don't know what go wrong as the domlogs is not clear after stats run, or I also wonder maybe some other service that cause the server to go maxed. I also not sure whether backup cause the problem. Currently I run daily backup to /home/backup.

    my server intel Xeon 2.8Ghz with 1GB Ram, /home space use is only 20%. Anybody can please advise me on how to solve this problem.

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    Re: server load go maxed


    Did you check the logs?. If not check the exim logs.
    Did you enable suexec on your server?. If yes check the suexec log. If this problem due to a mail script; you can find out it by checking the suexec log. If not disable the email send as nobody option in tweak setting. It will help you to sort out this issue. Let me know the status
    With Regards,

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    Usually, high load is caused of too much swap memory being used. You need to check process memory usage and find out which process use too much memory when server load is high.
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    Hi folnet, welcome to the Forum.

    I do not think you have found the true problem for the high load and taking the steps you have, have only made things worse. I would suggest you have a good ServerAdmin or perhaps Tech Support at your DC look into the problem.

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    I still looking the right problem but temporary solved the problem by changing WHM tweak setting "Number of days between processing log files and bandwidth usage" from default setting from 1 to 0.2

    At this moment server are running smooth for the past few day, I still monitoring the progress.

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    folnet, now you have set the config to parse your logs every 5 days. I would believe that this is not the correct way to fix this. Run a test parse and see where it hangs the most, (output a logfile). If it hangs on one of the sites then there might be a problem with that file which is calling the system problems.

    My other suggestion would be to update the log parsers.

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    For the sake of any customers you have on the server, pay someone who knows what they are doing to look at the server, or your data center's tech support. They can actually fix the problem and make sure you don't have a security problem.
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    Thank you for the advise, I get data centre tech support to look into the problem and they fixed the server. I still testing and hopefully it will back to normal.

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