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    Looking for a Flash Designer

    I am currently doing a project with a client, which is asking for a site designed in flash. I have the graphic part covered.. But I am clueless when it comes to flash.. Right now, your cut will be $75, but I will have a talk with the client about raising the price, for all this additional work. so, $150 is what I'm aiming for as your cut. So if anyone is interested please contact me.. Either PM/Email/AIM..

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: JA3 GFX

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    ok ok. I'm re upping this.. I got many many many offers.. but I wasn't ready for any of it.. now I have everything straight.. I will be able to offer $150.. it's an entire site design in flash..

    here is an example of what the client is asking for.. .. he wants it basically mocked/patterned out of that, I have all the info, music, bio's that are to be added on the site... Many of the people that contacted said it's a lot of work for the amount of the payment.. But $150 is all I can offer.

    My email that you can contact me at right now is [email protected] and AIM... Pixel God GFX

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    any takers?

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